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Active@ UNDELETE is a lifesaver!

August 12, 2014
Jan from Calgary

Active@ UNDELETE is a lifesaver! I feel obligated to write a review thanks to the relief it has given me.

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New view of Active@ UNDELETE

November 20, 2013
LSoft Team

New version of Active@ UNDELETE is sophisticated software with complex algorithms, many useful tools, and support of variety of recovery scenarios. Moreover, it was developed for both professionals and inexperienced users in mind and offers a well thought set of wizards aimed at non-professionals.

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Back from beyond

September 25, 2012
Robinzon, private reviewer

For any one of a variety of reasons, a disk's logical structure can become damaged so that it can no longer be recognized. Today, I'll show you how valuable data can be recovered in just 5 easy steps by using Active@ UNDELETE.

At first, you will notice that the corrupted disk in the list of devices within Windows Disk Management or in Active@ UNDELETE appears as Not Initialized.

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New questions and answers about Active@ UNDELETE

September 18, 2012
LSoft Team

I think I have a virus in my machine. Several documents just vanished. Does any one know of a way to get the files back and clean the machine?

Often, when a virus or other malware program disrupts the file system causing important files to disappear it leaves traces of what it did. A recovery program capable of scanning the drive and file system for old information can usually restore these files. Two such programs are and Active@ UNDELETE and Active@ File Recovery.

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A neat software utility...

August 8, 2012
Michael Findley, a small business owner in the GTA

Hello! I recently had problems with deleting files that I didn't mean to get rid of and came across a neat software utility called Active@ UNDELETE.

Basically, this software is designed for a wide variety of data recovery uses, including simply recovering deleted files from the Recycling Bin (even after you empty it), but also for recovering deleted partitions and other things. It helped me out a lot, so I'm going to tell you guys a bit about it.

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