Active @UNDELETE Ver 7.xSee documentation for latest version

Remote Recovery Options

The Active@ Remote Recovery Agent allow specifying following settings:

Connection Options

Port Number
The number of the communication port reserved for the TCP connection between Active@ Recovery Agent and Active@ UNDELETE. After applying changes, Active@ Recovery Agent is restarted immediately.
If you have firewall activated, make sure that ports numbers you selected are not blocked.
Enable Active@ Remote Recovery Agent at Start.
With this check box selected, Active@ Recovery Agent allows connection with Active@ UNDELETE as soon as the agent starts.


Use password for connection validation
With this check box selected, the connection request from the client is password protected and validated against the matching password entered in Active@ Recovery Agent.

Log View Options

Show service messages in Log View
Display trace events with high details
Auto-save log entries
With this option on, all events will be saved in log file on disk, by default, in directory where Active@ Recovery Agent is installed.
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