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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 7.0
See documentation for latest version

File Filter Toolbar

The File Filter toolbar contains commands that can help you organize files in a list.

By default, the results of a scan contain all files and folders. Use commands in the File Filter toolbar to make a large list of files smaller and easier to read. You may use the File Filter toolbar in the following views:

  • Recovery Explorer View
  • Document View
  • Search Result Views

The filtered result may be applicable over an entire list (for example, in Search Result View) of within a selected folder (for example in Recovery Explorer view and Document View).

Recovery Explorer view

To use the File Filter toolbar:

  1. To display an unfiltered list, click Show All Files and Folders.
  2. To display only existing files and folders, click Show only existing Files and Folders.
  3. To display only deleted files and folders, click Show only deleted Files and Folders.
  4. To further reduce the size of a list, enter a pattern in File Filter field and press ENTER. The list displays only those files that match the pattern.

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