Explorer toolbar and menu commands

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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 7.0
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Explorer toolbar and menu commands

Explorer Toolbar Button Description
Refresh Refresh Refresh application. All intermediate scan results will be discarded.
Search Search Search for Files and Folders on scanned Logical Drive or Detected Partition
File Preview File Preview Preview graphical files before recovery
Hex Editor Hex Editor Opens in-build Hex Editor tool windows.
RAID RAID Starts Virtual Disk Array (RAID) wizard.
Partition Manager Partition Manager Open in-build Partition Manager tool windows.
Save Disk Image Save Disk Image Starts Creation Disk Image Wizard for selected item.
Open Disk Image Open Disk Image Start Open Disk Image Wizard.
Preferences Preferences Opens application preferences dialog
Help Help Opens this help file.
Help Online Help Online Opens Active@ UNDELETE web help page
About About Shows about dialog with version and registration information

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