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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 5.0
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Search for deleted Files and Folders

Search in drives for Files and Folders can be made by using the Search Bar, located at the top of Explorer's List View. For simple search in navigation context (shown in the Search Bar), just enter searching criteria in text field Look for click Search in button in the Search Bar to initiate search process.

Search Bar

To change searching options click Options drop-down menu button in the Search Bar.

To use Advanced Search click Advanced Search menu button in the Search Bar.

Search pattern is the same pattern that you use when searching in Windows.

Symbol * in pattern means that at this place can be zero or any number of any symbols


  *          - all files on the drive or in the folder
  *.TXT      - all files with "TXT" extension
  My*.*      - all files starting with "My"
  MyFile.txt - search for the file named "MyFile.txt"

If searched drive(s) was not scanned before, the drive will be scanned before searching.

After search complete and if any File(s) or Folder(s) has been found, they will be appear in the list of Search Result View. With context menu or command toolbar all common manipulations are allowed with these items e.g. Files and Folders Recovery, File Preview etc.

You can also try Advanced Search to narrow you search results.

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