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How to Register Active@ UNDELETE

Follow these steps to register the product:

  1. If opening the software for the first time, this dialog appears automatically. Otherwise, in the Active@ UNDELETE main screen, right-click the Active@ UNDELETE node, click select Register from the context menu. The Registration dialog appears.
  2. Enter the following information:
    1. Type your name into the Name field.

      The spelling of your name should be exactly the same as it was specified when you purchased the product.

    2. The Registration Key is sent to you by email after you have purchased the product. Copy and Paste the product registration key into the Registration Key area.

      Please do not try to type Registration Key, just use Copy and Paste standard Windows operations.

    3. Read and understand the License Agreement, and if you agree to the license terms, click Apply or Ok.
  3. If either the name or registration key, or both are misspelled, an error message appears and the product will not be registered. If this message appears, correct registration information and try again. If no error messages appear, the product has been registered successfully.

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