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CNET Editor's review of Active@ UNDELETE

Designed to recover accidentally erased files, Active@ UNDELETE proves itself to be excellent at what it does. We found the interface convenient. You simply scan a disk for deleted files, locate the ones you want to restore, then drag and drop them into the bottom window. You can choose between a quick scan to recover recently deleted files or a deep scan for restoring files from a formatted disk or a deleted partition. We were pleased with the results of our deep scan, as Active@ UNDELETE combed our 20GB hard drive in 10 minutes and resurrected several supposedly irrecoverable files. The program is capable of recovering disk arrays and can create disk images to save data on disks in danger of crashing. We think Active@ UNDELETE is a smart safeguard for both home use as well as more professional applications.

Easy to use, thorough, and a life saver. LSoft tools have definitely reduced my anxiety over a lost/deleted file or partition.

Colin Maxwell

Ease of use for data recovery.

Chuck Boward

Concise and it works. Works a charm. Keep up the good work.

Richard Scotford

Just wanted to send a note of THANKS for your product. I was wiping my main drive and forgot I still had the external backup drive connected. Both drives were being wiped! I stopped the wiping process not too far into the it but the drives were useless and inaccessible. I tried a couple of other products but no success. I thought I lost everything (approx 12 years of data). Active@ UNDELETE Pro was able to recover files from both hard drives where I had critical files stored. Obviously a lesson learned but still with a good outcome. I can't tell you how happy I am with this, I give your product a solid 5 stars! Thank you!


Hi, Thanks, it is a great application, with best features, we kept as target to develop our own in-house recovery application.

Thanks and regards, CSB

I DID IT! I bought your program and it did the job. Thank you and God bless you.

Howard Flynn

Your product worked very well for me. I have a customer that had accidentally overwrote his Quick books from an old backup. He had lost more than 3 months of his Quick book data. I tried using 4 different data recovery utilities, but could not recover his .QBW or .QBB files. I ran your utility and it found the data in 15 minutes. Also I find your program very easy to use. The string search works way better than the other programs that I had been using. The documentation is good especially for the end user. Thanks for making a good product at a very reasonable price.


I cannot argue with the functionality of the program -- it rocks!

Paul Havemann

Just to return a note of thanks for this,

I have now added your Active@ UNDELETE software my list of valued PC utilities, every now and again I spot a real gem and feel very happy to support the vendor for making a 1st class product available at a very reasonable price.

Happy to support you and will recommend you to others,


I love your products!!! I started back with Active@ UNDELETE 5. I purchased 7 Enterprise today and love it! It may not get me totally out of the water, but it did recover all of the data. Just have to get Windows to boot now. Thank you! I am a managed services provider and intend to push your product to all of my customers. Thanks again!

C. Kireta

I recently used the Active@ UNDELETE program to recover photos of a deleted partition drive. I was able to recover the data, around 13000 photos.

Thanks a lot, Jay

"Simply spoken: Very useful tool if a experienced user is working with it. For someone less experienced it's probably the last chance to get back fresh deleted data with a very good chance to see them back again in the directory listing ready for any access."

Michael Novak

"Thank you, Thank You, Thank you. Stupid mistake, I deleted files on a jump drive. Your program worked great."

Mike Ziereis

"Thanks to you and your organization for saving my data, and I'll certainly take time to mail any and all of my associates hear about your great product."

James Cooper

"Just wanted to let you know that Active@ UNDELETE absolutely saved my life!

I recently reformatted my C: drive (Win XP) and then woke up the next morning realizing I had forgotten about one teeny little yet critical file -- my QuickBooks Timer's db file. It had all of my billable hours for the last couple of weeks. AGHHH.

I tried 2 competitors' products and was increasing despondent because they didn't find the file I needed-- their products appeared to be limited to recovering only specific file types. And then I tried your program -- I had decided to try ONE MORE product before giving up and committing hari-kari. It took longer to scan with your product and I guess that's because it's far more complete because it found the really critical file I needed.

Very easy to use as well. It is clearly the superior product.

I am eternally grateful!!!

Cathy Johnson

"You saved my day! I was able to recover my USB stick with 2 days of work on it... Super program!"


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