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Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks allow you to save the current cursor location and quickly return to it later on. You may also give a name to a bookmark to make orientation easier.

Bookmarks are shown in the tool window called Bookmarks. If the Bookmarks window is closed you can open it using the menu ViewBookmarks.

Placing and removing a bookmark

Press Ctrl+F2 in order add a bookmark. Alternatively, you can right click in the hex editor and select a command from a context menu. The bookmark position is shown with a light blue box and also added to the list of bookmarks in the Bookmarks window. To remove a bookmark, press  Ctrl+F2 while having the cursor over the position of that bookmark. You can also remove a bookmark from the Bookmarks window by selecting a bookmark button in a toolbar and clicking delete. The delete function may also be selected from a context menu.

Going to a bookmark

If you have defined bookmarks, pressing F2 will move your current position to the next enabled bookmark in the list.

You can also right click a bookmark and select the Next bookmark command from a context menu. Another option is to double click a bookmark name in the Bookmarks window.

Editing bookmarks

Bookmarks are named automatically when they are placed. You can rename a bookmark in the Bookmarks window to give it some meaningful name. To do so make a single mouse click on the bookmark name and edit it. Press Enter to accept your changes or Esc to cancel editing and revert to the original name. You can also rename a bookmark by right clicking on it and selecting the Rename command from a context menu.

Sometimes instead of deleting a bookmark it is useful to temporarily disable it. A disabled bookmark will not be counted when moving to the next bookmark. Uncheck a bookmark in the Bookmarks window to disable it. To disable all bookmarks at once click Disable all bookmarks in a toolbar or select this command in a context menu.

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