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Recover files or folders from deleted partitions?

In most of scenarios, to recover your data from deleted partition you need to:

  • Scan Hard Disk to find deleted partition, and if it’s found then
  • Scan detected partition for Files and Folders and then
  • Select (filter only Healthy files, if deleted files are not in your interest) and recover files you need.

Step 1: Scan Hard Disk for deleted partitions

If a partition was deleted the space on disk becomes “Unallocated”. You can scan this space to find deleted partition and retrieve data from it or even restore it back [].

You can try to find deleted partition even if this partition has been overwritten by another partition and still have a good chances to recover your data from it. In this case, you have to select the Hard Disk to scan.

Step 2: Specify Scan Options and run the scan

You can choose the area of the disk to scan, as well as what type of data to look for (partition types, files by signature and weather to save the scan results when the scan is completed). Once you have chosen you scan options, you can then scan the drive to find deleted partitions and files by signature.

Step 3: Scan detected partition for Files and Folders

Once you scanned the drive for partitions, you then examine the found partitions. Look for partitions that are the correct size (same size as the deleted partitions) and scan those to determine what files / folders are in them. While performing this scan, do not enable ‘find files by signature’ as those results are already available from the first scan, and will greatly increase the time the scan will take.

Step 4: Recover Files and Folders

Once you can see the files and folders you wish to recover, you are ready to recover them. If you have a lot of data to recover, you recover a few files and then open them with their native programs. If they open properly, you can then recover the rest of the data. If they do not open properly, then either they were overwritten after then were deleted, of the found partition has bad information.

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