Recover file to CD or DVD

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Active@ UNDELETE ver. 7x
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Recover file to CD or DVD

To recover (burn) Files and Folders to CD\DVD they needs to be collected in Recovery Toolbox first. Using Recovery Toolbox you can mark file to recover from different locations and burn them at once to single CD or DVD.

To collect files in the Recovery Toolbox, select the check box next to the file name or folder name in Recovery Explorer view, Document View or in Search Result view. Folder hierarchy for selected files are preserved in the Recovery Toolbox.

Recover file to CD or DVD

Information panel at the bottom of Recovery Toolbox view shows space allocation for selected media. Using this panel you can evaluate is it enough of free space on drive or CD\DVD you selected to recover all files.

Recovery Toolbox view

Click Burn button in Recovery Toolbox View. The Burn Files and Folder on CD\DVD dialog box appears.

Burn button in Recovery Toolbox View
  1. Enter Volume label
  2. Select burning device from Burn to drop-down list. If ISO Image Recorder selected as burner, then ISO file will be created in destination location instead.
  3. Specify burning options:
    • To allow no further writing to CD or DVD media after restoring files, select the Finalize Media check box.
    • To wipe erasable media before writing restored files, select the Erase rewritable media check box.
    • To set the cache buffer size, enter a size in the Cache buffer size field.
    • To monitor and maintain the quality of disc writing (newer disc writers) select the Dynamic Power Control (OPC) check box.
    • To prevent buffer under run errors when writing to CD/DVD, select the Buffer Under RuN Error Proof check box.
    • To eject the CD/DVD after burning, select the Eject disk after burning check box.
  4. Specify file dates and click Burn button to start burning process
  5. To terminate the burning process, click Stop button at any time on follow up process dialog. Results may be not accurate or complete.

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