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Create virtual disk

Virtual disks can be used to mock real physical device with altering their attributes such as bytes per sector.

To create virtual disk in Active@ UNDELETE proceed as follows:

1. Select physical disk to emulate:

  • In Partition Manager select physical device item in devices list or in Disk Navigator;
  • Select physical disk Recovery Explorer. Use Expert device view, Partition view or Enhanced view modes

2. Open Create virtual disk dialog:

  • Click Create Virtual Disk button in Partition Manager or in Recovery Explorer or use command ActionsCreate Virtual Disk from main menu;
  • Right-click the selected item and click Create Virtual Disk command from the context menu.

3. Enter disk caption to label new virtual disk in Recovery Explorer, sector size and boundaries of used space of actual physical disk.

Create virtual disk dialog

4. Dialog Options

Assign text label for virtual disk to recognize in Recovery Explorer. Optional.
Sector size
Sector size in bytes. By default original physical disk sector size is used.
First and last sector
Select virtual disk boundaries, by default - entire original physical disk is used.

5. Click Create to complete

You can create any number of virtual disks and they are saved in application session for later use.


Virtual disk should appear in Recovery Explorer in group of Virtual Devices and Arrays.

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