Format partition

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Format partition

To format Logical Drive (Partition):

1. Select volume

In Partition Manager select a Logical Drive (Partition) node.

2. Open the Format Partition dialog

  • From the toolbar click Format button or use command Actions > Format...from main menu.
  • Right-click the selected item and click Format... command from the context menu.

3. Adjust dialog options

Format Partition dialog

4. Dialog Options

Volume label
Text label of partition (disk). This field can be blank
File System
Select file one of the supported file systems: FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS.
Unit Allocation Size
Depending on selected file system and total partition (disk) size available allocated unit size may be different. Default value of unit size is recommended.

5. Click Format button to start formatting process

All data on formatting Logical Drive (partition) will be lost! Backup all your valuable data before formatting.


When formatting is complete, volume item should appear in Partition Manager with new attributes and file system.

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