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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 7.0
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Connect to Active@ Remote Recovery Agent

If you are using the Active@ UNDELETE Enterprise Edition you be able to connect to Active@ Remote Recovery Agent to recover files on (from) remote computer. Active@ Recovery Agent is a small utility that provides recovery features over a network environment.

The computer that you want to connect to must have Active@ Remote Recovery Agent running with status Enabled. After you establish connection through the network, then you can scan and browse the Files and Folders of the remote computer and select them for recovery.You can recover files locally (copy recovered files from remote computer to the one where Active@ UNDELETE is running) or remotely, e.g. recovered files will be stored on a computer where they were actually recovered.

Establish the connection to remote computer

Active@ Remote Recovery Agent
  1. Open Connect to Active@ Remote Recovery Agent dialog in one of the following ways:
    • From the Files menu choose Connect... command.
    • From the Recovery Explorer toolbar, click Connect button.
  2. In Connect to Active@ Remote Recovery Agent dialog do the follows: Connect to Active@ Remote Recovery Agent
    • Select a workstation from a drop-down list of network neighborhood computer names or
    • Type a computer name or computer IP address or a name into the combo box text field and press [Enter] to connect.
  3. Click Connect button to establish connection with Active@ Remote Recovery Agent on computer you selected. Once connection is set, you will be able to see Physical Disks and Drives of remote computer ready to be scanned for deleted Files and Folders.
  • Click Browse for Computer button, located on the right side of the neighborhood computers drop-down list, to find and choose computer outside of work group or domain;
  • Click Options... button to change connection options. See Remote Recovery Options for details.

If the remote computer has Active@ Remote Recovery Agent protected with a password, you will need to specify the same password in Remote Recovery Options to be able to make connection. If the password you enter matches the password defined for Active@ Remote Recovery Agent the connection will be established.

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