Recovery toolbox view

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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 7.0
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Recovery toolbox view

The Recovery Toolbox is a tool that allows files selected from various other views (for example Recovery Explorer, Document View or Search Result) to be recovered at once to the same specified destination. The recovery destination may be a different Hard Disk or a CD or Data DVD. In the recovery destination, each recovered file retains a copy of its original folder hierarchy. When you select the check box next to a file or folder in Recovery Explorer View, Document View or Search Results View, the selected item is copied to the Recovery Toolbox along with its path information. Similarly, if you clear a check box next to a file or folder in another view, the item is removed from the Recovery Toolbox.

In the Recovery Toolbox, the Space Indicator panel displays available space on recovery destination drive or CD/DVD along with the amount of free space required to recover all selected files.

Recovery toolbox view

To clear all selected check boxes in all views, click Clear Recovery Toolbox.

Including path information is optional. For more information, see Recovery section in Application Preferences

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