Disk hex editor view

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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 5.0
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Disk hex editor view

Disk Hex Editor is using as simple low level disk viewer which present information in binary and text modes at the same time. You can use this view to analyse content of data storage structure elements (such as disk, partitions, files and others). To open any of those items in the editor, you have to select desired item and than:

  • Click Edit > Open in Hex Editor in command menu, or
  • Right-click file, drive, partition or device item in Active@ UNDELETE Explorer. Click Open In Hex Editor from the context menu.

Using this editor you can browse through content of opened item by using scroll bar, arrows on keyboard or mouse wheel.

Using Tab button you can switch cursor between hexadecimal or text modes.

Editor Options

Editor Options

There several options available in editor:

Show Data Inspector
This option shows or hide Data Inspector window.
Hexadecimal Offset
This options switches between hexadecimal or decimal format of current address offset
Allow Edit content
This option allows or disables editing mode for editor. By default, you can only review the content of item you opened. To modify it, these options should be on.

Data Inspector

For convenient purposes, this window shows content under cursor in different format, helps to interpret observed data. To show Data Inspector, select Options > Show Data Inspector command in editor's toolbar. Data inspector window disappears when Disk Hex Editors window looses the focus, and appears back as soon as focus returns.

File Cluster Chain

To help navigate through content of opened files, the list of file clusters shown at the left side of the editor. You can select any cluster in this list for immediate jump to that cluster or simply scroll through the list to see selected cluster content.

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