Recovery explorer. Tool views

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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 5.0
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Recovery explorer. Tool views.

Active@ UNDELETE Explorer Tool Views gives ability to see additional information about navigated items, observe data flow and access to most advanced features of Active@ UNDELETE. To see detailed information about each Tool Window, follow the appropriate link below:

Application Log View
Gives a list of self explained notification on chronological order.
Property view
In this view, the properties of selected item are displayed.
Search Results View
This view is used to display search results after the search in corresponded context.
Drag and Drop Recovery view
Use this view for creation Folders and Files list to recovery by simply Dragging and Dropping items on this view .
Disk Hex Editor View
Use this view to display the contents of files, partitions or disks based on the hexadecimal system and provides some simple editing.

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

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