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Editing with Disk Editor

The Disk Editor allows you to edit the content of a selected part of an opened object. By default, the Disk Editor shows the content of an object in a Read Only mode that prevents accidental modifications. In Edit mode, you can change the content of the opened file or disk and all modifications are stored in memory. Changes are written to the drive when you click Save.

To toggle between Read Only and Edit modes, do one of the following:

  • From the Disk Editor toolbar, choose EditAllow Edit content.
  • Right-click in the edit pane choose Allow Edit content from the context menu.

When you copy selected text from the edit pane to the clipboard, you may store it there in one of two formats using the following commands:

  • Copy - selected data is copied into the clipboard as binary.
  • Copy Formatted - selected data is copied as formatted text suitable to paste into a text editor.
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