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Searching in Disk Editor

To search text or byte sequence in Disk Editor:

  • Click Ctrl+F shortcut key or
  • Use Find button in Disk Editor's toolbar then Find dialog will appear.

Search data by ANSI, Hex or Unicode pattern. To speed up the process you can ask to search only at given offset inside used-defined blocks. Regular expressions and wildcard are even greater expand search capabilities.

Search direction will specify search direction from current cursor position.

When using Find All command, list of all search entries will appear. Use this list to navigate between search result entries (if any) by double clicking on entry line.

Examples of using regular expressions:

^\d\d?$ - match integers 0 to 99

^\S+$ - match strings without white space

\b(mail|letter|correspondence)\b - match strings containing 'mail' or 'letter' or 'correspondence' but only match whole words i.e. not 'email'

&(?!amp;) - match ampersands but not &

\b(Eric|Eirik)\b - match Eric or Eirik

*.html - using a wildcard

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