File filter toolbar

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File filter toolbar

The File Filter toolbar contains commands that can help you organize files in a list.

File filter toolbar

By default, the results of a scan contain all files and folders. Use commands in the File Filter toolbar to make a large list of files smaller and easier to read.

You may use the File Filter toolbar in the following views:

  • Recovery Explorer View
  • Document View
  • Search Result Views

The filtered result may be applicable over an entire list (for example, in Search Result View) of within a selected folder (for example in Recovery Explorer view and Document View).

Using File Filter Toolbar

  • To display an unfiltered list, click Show All Files and Folders.
  • To display only existing files and folders, click Show only existing Files and Folders.
  • To display only deleted files and folders, click Show only deleted Files and Folders.
  • To further reduce the size of a list, enter a pattern in File Filter field and press ENTER. The list displays only those files that match the pattern.

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