Virtual disk arrays (RAIDs)

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Active@ UNDELETE ver. 7x
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Virtual disk arrays (RAIDs)

There are chances for RAIDS failures by many reasons (RAID controller failures, software RAID emulator errors and many more) and Active@ UNDELETE gives a easy way to manage array disks together and makes data accessible.

You can combine together you disk that was previously as a part of RAID in temporal (virtual) Disk Array and be able to do all drive manipulation that you allow to do like it is regular drive, such as scanning, file recovery, search etc.

The Virtual Disk Array Wizard will guide you through the process of assembling together parts of existed array. To start this wizard, you have to:

  • Click Tools > Virtual Disk Arrays... in command toolbar, or
  • Click RAID in Toolbar

Follow the wizard steps prompted to complete Disk Array creation.

Virtual Disk Array Wizard

After wizard completes successfully, you will be able to see your Disk Array as a device in Physical Devices tree view.

You may need to refresh tree to see created device.

In case, that created device is inaccessible, you should repeat the Virtual Disk Array Wizard with different sequence of disks and geometry settings trying to restore previous configuration.

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