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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 7.0
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Recovery Explorer View

The main view in Active@ UNDELETE is Recovery Explorer View. The view tab label displays “My Computer”.

This is the default view that you see after the application starts. The left panel is the Tree pane. It displays the hierarchical structure of all drives, devices, folders and files of the scanned Logical Drive, Virtual RAID and opened Disk Image. Scan Results appear here if you scan a device. To collapse a node in this tree, click the minus sign (-) next to the node name or double-click a node. To expand a node, click the plus sign (+) next to the node name or double-click a node.

When you select a node in the hierarchy tree, details of the selected node appear in the List pane and Properties panel.

The List Pane displays the sub elements of the selected node. To make the list easier to read, you may do the following:

  • To sort the list by a column in ascending order, click the column header. The column is highlighted.
  • To sort the same column in descending order, click the column header a second time.
  • To show a list that is reduced in size by a filter, select one of the preset options in the File Filter toolbar.

When you select items in the List pane, details of the selected item appear in the Properties panel.

To perform an action on any node in either the Tree pane or the List pane, select the node and choose a command from the View or Tools menus. You may also choose a command from the toolbar or from the right-click context menu.

To add an item to the Recovery Toolbox View, select the check box next to the item.

The Properties panel displays default properties for each selected item in Tree or List panes. Updates to these properties appear dynamically along with commands and activities performed in the workspace. To toggle the Properties Pane on and off click View > Properties pane.

You can create a custom filter for this list. For more information see File Filter Toolbar.

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