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Virtual Sandbox View

Virtual Sandbox is utility view that helps to organize files (regroup and rename) using their system or meta attributes from different sources (scan results, search etc.) and recover them all at once to selected location. To add files to Virtual Sandbox:

  1. Select files or folders in scan result view;
  2. In context menu select Add to Virtual Sandbox command;
Virtual Sandbox view

All selected files will be added to Virtual Sandbox, excluding duplicates. You can repeat commands above and add files from different sources.

In Virtual Sandbox view you can remove unwanted files by selecting them and then click Remove button in toolbar or click Clear button in toolbar to remove files from Virtual Sandbox. Use File Organizer feature to group o rename files before recovery.

File Organizer is advanced tool designed to group and rename files, using their system attributes or meta attributes, before actual recovery. Click on Organize Files drop down menu and select one of the predefined file organizing presets to group files in a view:

  • By Created Date
  • By Modified Date
  • By Accessed Date
  • By File Extension
  • By Application

Select Organize Files > Customize command to create and apply custom file organizing preset. Read Customize file organizing preset for more information.

When all files grouped and renamed as desired, select location to recover files and change default options if necessary. Click Recover All button in right bottom corner or click Recover All button in toolbar to recover all files from Virtual Sandbox to one location.

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