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Open Disk Image

You may open a Disk Image to browse for files and folders or to scan for deleted files and folders.

  1. To open the Open Disk Image dialog, do one of the following:

    • From the Disk Images tab in Command Bar, choose Open Disk Image command;
    • From the main toolbar, click FileOpenOpen Disk Image.
    • From Open Disk Storage dialog click Open Disk Image button.
    • From Welcome View, click Open Disk Image button in Default Actions group;
  2. Open disk image using Configuration file

    Use Browse button to locate .DIM (Disk Image Configuration) file. Once it selected, file ill be opened and presented with detailed preview of Disk Image information.

    Click OK to open disk image or click Compose button to alter disk image configuration (see next step).

  3. Compose Disk Image [optional]

    If there is no DIM file for Disk Image or to open third party Disk Images click Compose button.

    Dialog Options

    Enter any label to distinguish newly opened disk image among other devices and disks.
    Disk Image Chunks
    A Disk Image consists of one or many files, which contains actual image data. A Disk Image can be cut into several files (chunks) during creation for better space allocation. In this list you have to specify all these files which make ups the image. To Add a Disk Image chunk to the list click the Add New button and use browse for a file dialog to select a file. To Remove a Disk Image chunk, select this chunk in the list and click the Remove button. To modify the order of Disk Image chunks, select any chunk you wish to relocate and use the Up and Down buttons to move a selected chunk in the chunk stack.
    Image Type
    Select image type you about to open. Usually it assigned automatically, depending on Disk Image chunks added.
    • Raw Disk Image - Raw fragment of a disk;
    • LSoft Disk Image - Disk Image created by any LSoft Technology product;
    • Virtual PC - Disk Images from Virtual PC software;
    • VMWare Image - Disk Images from VMWare software;
    Media Type
    Select appropriate media type. Usually it assign automatically. Use Fixed Disk by default.
    Bytes per Sector
    Enter sector size in bytes;
    Sectors per Track
    Enter track size in sectors;
    Tracks per Cylinder
    Enter cylinder size in tracks;
    Save DIM File as...
    In case of manual composition of Disk Image properties you may save final configuration file for later use;
  4. Confirm and open disk image

    Click OK to open Disk Image. A disk image node appears in Recovery Explorer.

    Use Open a Disk Image Wizard for the same purpose.
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