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Recover files from live volume?

Recover files from live volumes (Logical Drives)

Step 1: Select Logical Drive

Select Logical Drive in Recovery Explorer.

Not only existing logical drives can be scanned for files, but also Detected Partitions, Virtual Drives or even Drives from Assembled RAID.

Step 2: Scan Logical Drive

Scan Selected Logical Drive using command Scan from context menu or toolbar or Double Click on Logical Drive. Ctrl+DblClick will open Scan Dialog with more scanning options.

Step 3: Review Scan Results

Review Scan Results in Drive Browser tab. Deleted files or folders will be displayed in gray color. You can filter scan results by using File Filter. Also you can group detected files by:

  • Files Extensions
  • Associated Application
  • Date (Year, Month and Day)

Step 4: Recover Files

Recover files by single (or multiple) selection by cursor or use check marks to mark as many files necessary and use Recover Checked command from view's toolbar or context menu. Confirm action in Recover Files dialog.


Following wizards can accomplish the same tasks using guided step-by-step tools:

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