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Recover files from RAID?

In most of scenarios, to recover your data from disassembled RAID you need:

  • Create a Virtual RAID using disks from the original, failed RAID, and if successful then
  • Scan partitions on the newly created Virtual RAID device for files and folders, and
  • Recover the Files and Folders that you need to a healthy logical drive.

Step 1: Open "Virtual Disk Assembly" dialog

Select Logical Drive in Recovery Explorer.

Not only existing logical drives can be scan for files, but also Detected Partitions, Virtual Drives or even Drives from Assembled RAID.

Step 2: Assemble Virtual Disk Array (RAID)

Created Virtual RAID (Array) will appear in Recovery Explorer as a regular disk and all tasks applicable for Hard Disks apply for opened Disk Image also. You can scan Virtual RAID for deleted Partitions, Files and Folders and recover detected files to dedicated location.

Step 3: Work with Virtual Disk Array (RAID) assembly

Once the virtual raid is created, recovering files from it is identical to recovering from any other disk, physical or logical except you can not restore partitions to a virtual disk.

Creating a striped raid (or RAID 5): Not critical, but why is 512 bytes the default block size. I am not even certain that is a legal value. 16k or 64k would be more common values.


Following wizards can accomplish the same tasks using guided step-by-step tools:

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