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Create partition

To create new partition (Logical Drive):

1. Select partition location

In Partition Manager select a Disk (Physical Device) or Unallocated space node.

2. Open the Create New Partition dialog

  • From the toolbar click Create New Partition button or use command Actions > Create New Partition... from main menu.
  • Right-click the selected item and click Create New Partition command from the context menu.

3. Adjust dialog options

Use sliders to specify partition boundaries - offset and size. Mouse click on unallocated space will select it to utilize all space available.

Create Partition dialog

4. Partition Geometry

Primary or Extended
Partition can be created as Primary partition (of number of available Primary partitions are not exceeded) or as Extended partition.
Sector Offset
First sector of created partition. It can be set exact by numerical value entered in text box or by moving left slider in Device View control;
Partition Size
Partition size can be set in megabytes or in sectors, depending on state of Measure in Sectors check box;

5. Partition Geometry

Mark Partition as Active
Newly created partition will be set as Active Partition;
Assign Drive letter
For Primary Partition or Logical Drive on extended partition drive letter can be assigned from the list of available in the system drive letters;

6. Format Partition [optional]

Volume label
Text label of partition (disk). This field can be blank
File System
Select file one of the supported file systems: FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS.
Unit Allocation Size
Depending on selected file system and total partition (disk) size available allocated unit size may be different. Default value of unit size is recommended.

7. Click Create button to create new partition.


After partition created, it should appear in Partition Manager available for other actions like formatting.

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