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Create virtual partition

To create virtual partition in Active@ UNDELETE proceed as follows:

1. Select disk (physical device)

  • Select a disk (physical device) node in Recovery Explorer. Use Expert Device View, Partition View or Enhanced View modes.
  • Select a disk (physical device) node Partition Manager device list or in Disk Navigator tree.

2. Open the Create Virtual Partition dialog

  • From the Partition Manager toolbar click Create Virtual Partition button.
  • Use command Actions > Create Virtual Partition from main menu
  • Right-click the selected item and click Create Virtual Partition command from the context menu.

3. Adjust dialog options

Use sliders to specify partition boundaries - offset and size. Mouse click on partition box will select virtual partition boundaries.

Create virtual partition dialog

Dialog options:

Text label to mark created virtual partition in Recovery Explorer or in Partition Manager.
File system
Select file one of the supported file systems: FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS.
First sector
Offset of virtual partition in sectors or in MB.
Size of virtual partition in sectors or in MB.

4. Click Create button


After command is complete, newly created virtual partition will appear in Recovery Explorer ready for applicable actions, such as volume scan etc.

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