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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 5.0
See documentation for latest version

Explorer Commands

Toolbar Commands

Explorer Toolbar Button Description


Default scan of selected Item. See Details: ...

Stop Process

Stop Process

Cancel any concurrent process.



Initiate data recovery process for selected item.



Starts Virtual Disk Array (RAID) wizard.

Save Disk Image

Save Disk Image

Starts Creation Disk Image Wizard for selected item.

Open Disk Image

Open Disk Image

Start Open Disk Image Wizard.

File Preview

File Preview

Opens File Preview window for selected file.



Opens this help file.

Command menu: Actions

Initiate scan process for context item.
Stop or cancel any current process such as scanning, searching etc.
Initiate Data Recovery process for context item.
Save PC Info
Save data storage devices diagnostic information into the file.
Allow Connect to Active@ Remote Data Recovery Agent

This command available for Active@ UNDELETE Network Edition only.

Exits application.

Command menu: Edit

Add Virtual Partition
Creates virtual partition under selected device.
Load Partition Info
Load previously saved partition info for selected device.
Save Partition Info
Save Partition Info (all detected or created virtual partitions) for selected device.
Active Table
Set Active Table for selected partition. It can be FAT1 or FAT2 for FAT or $MFT or @MFT Mirror for NTFS
Duplicate Partition Info
Creates the copy of selected partition under corresponding device as virtual partition.
Modify Partition Info
Opens the dialog, that allow to modify selected partition properties.
Delete Partition Info
Deletes selected virtual (detected) partition form corresponding device.
Open in Hex Editor
Opens selected item in Disk Hex Editor.

Command menu: View

Application Log
Show\Hide Application Log view.
Property View
Show\Hide Property view.
Search View
Show\Hide Search view.
Drag'n'Drop Recovery
Show\Hide Drag and Drop Recovery View view.
Disk Hex Editor
Show\Hide Disk HEX Editor view.
File Preview
Show File Preview for context file item.
Show property for context item.
Refresh (reload) active Explorer tree.

Command menu: Tool

Create Disk Image...
Starts Create Disk Image wizard for context item.
Open Disk Image...
Starts Open Disk Image wizard.
Restore Encrypted
Opens Restore Encrypted dialog.
Shows the application Options dialog.

Command menu: Help

Help and References

Open application help documentation at start page
Help Online...
Open application On line help documentation
Technical Support...
Open Technical support web page
Active@ UNDELETE Online...
Open Active@ UNDELETE web home page
Active@ UNDELETE Upgrades...
Open Active@ UNDELETE web page with latest updates
Open application help documentation at start page

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

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