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Logical Drive Scan Result View

Logical Drive (Partition) scan results view displays all files detected after a logical drive scan. To make the result easier to read, you may group detected files by:

  • Extension;
  • Application;
  • Date (Created, Accessed and Modified);
File grouping in Volume Scan Result

To make scan results easier to read, you may do the following:

  • To sort the list by a column in ascending order, click the column header.
  • To sort the list by the same column in descending order, click the column header a second time.
  • To show a list that is reduced in size by a filter, select one of the preset options in the File Filter toolbar.
  • To add an item to the Recovery Toolbox, select the check box next to the item.

File Filter Toolbar can be used to narrow down scan results. For more information see: File Filter Toolbar.

Advanced File Search can be used to enhance simple File Filtering with more searching criteria, such as File Attributes, File Size etc. See Search for deleted Files and Folders for details.

It is recommended to save scan results for later use.

When you have found all files you looking for - proceed to Recover files and folders.

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