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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 9.0
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Partition Manager

Partition Manager is advanced tool for manipulating data storage device partitions. Using Partition Manager you can:

  • Create Partition or Logical Drive
  • Delete Partition
  • Format Partition or Logical Drive
  • Change Drive Attributes

Most of these changes to disk partitioning are recorded in dedicated backup files thus at any time these changes could be rollback at certain point. See Rollback Partition Changes for more information.

Partition Manager is a separate module of Active @ UNDELETE - advanced data recovery toolbox. For more features, like:

  • Recovery deleted files or files from deleted or damaged partitions.
  • Restore deleted or damaged partitions.
  • Work with Disk Images.
  • Recover data from damaged RAID's.
  • Low level disk editing and more please visit Active@ UNDELETE web site.

How to ...

Use Refresh command to reload list of disks (physical devices).
It could be useful in case of plugging\unplugging removable (USB) data storage devices.

Advanced Editing with Partition Manager

Execute Advanced partition editing, such as Edit Partition Table and Edit Boot Sectors with caution. All changes through these procedures are final and can not be undone.

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